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Clifford Newton Sevin

As a 2nd lieutenant in WW1 he sadly died of wounds received in France, 1918. He had an elder brother, Montague, who was killed in action two years earlier

Family Tree

Also view this hand drawn tree by Robin Godfrey from information sent to him by Louise Thom (Click on the image to enlarge) - it has other "snippets" of information not available on the tree above.

Frank Hutson & Family

L-R: Leonard, Winnie, baby Lillian on Ethel Evelyn's lap, Alfred & Frederick

See page 4 of this tree

Family Tree

Mabel Constance Robinson (Miller)

Mabel, and her husband Charles, ran a tearoom and Boarding House ("Sunnyside Lodge"), in Broadstairs, Kent, England

See page 2 of this tree

Family Tree

Frederick Charles Hickman

A clever man who, in later life, manufactured medical components in his home workshop.


Family Tree

The Fulford Sisters

Lillian, Daisy and Violet. Violet later married Frederick, above.

This photo ca.1900


Family Tree