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Page last updated 03/26/2007


Family trees are absorbing to study and, if you can make the time, absorbing to research and record. Much of the Miller, Carwardine & Godfrey research was carried out by Robin Godfrey, other work was done by the late Madeline "Molly" Holl, and Roderick Godfrey added some data on the Allum & Unckle families.  It has since been discovered that similar work has been done in the USA by ancestors of the Carwardine brothers who emigrated from the UK in the 19th Century.

In this web site we show some parts of our related family trees. However the very nature of a genealogical tree is that its size is nearly infinite, limited only by the level of knowledge produced by untold hours of research. We have data in handwritten form as well as computerized data using the 'Family Tree Maker' software and at the last count my family file numbered over 750 individuals. 

The families in this collection - all related in some way - include major groups such as Carwardine, Miller, Godfrey, Powles, Millington, Ingleton, Davis, Robinson as well as other groups such as Sevin, Allum, Herrington and Blaber where less research is available.

Perhaps one interesting aspect is that these groups are largely British, American or Canadian and the threads of 19th - and 20th - century immigration to the "New World" are well known in some instances.  In these pages we cover some of that detail.

A number of interesting web sites are available which might help further research - if you are so inclined - and here are a few links to click on:



Family Gallery Guide


Other Photos


    Some examples

Other parts of this web site have more specific parts of genealogical trees but here I have included some hand drawn segments by Robin Godfrey - click on the thumbnails to enlarge the image (click on "back" at the top of the screen to get back to here).

A moment's thought and one realizes that one family tree can only be created from one perspective and so the 3 ancestors sheets below are from Robin's viewpoint.


Geo. F Carwardine

Ancestors 1 of 3

Ancestors 2 of 3

Ancestors 3 of 3

Piffe connection

  Another entirely different approach is to compact a computer generated tree into an image file that you can open with easily available software.  Here's an example - click on the following file name to open the image:


If your computer doesn't open this image it means you don't have this reader software installed - but wait - it's not that difficult to do.  If you want to see these pdf files (and there are many more on the web site) download the (free) reader software from Adobe (a reputable company).

Do this:

Click (or double click) on this web site address:

and you will be taken to Adobe's reader page. Follow the instructions to download Adobe Reader 7.0.

A final point - if you have successfully opened the tree pdf file, the image may look too small to read.  Don't worry, there's a zoom function - just look for the zoom control (+ and - buttons) at the top of the reader page.