This page includes various artwork done by or of family members  -  artistic ability is no barrier to inclusion!

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1. Norman Miller drawn by the Oxford Mail cartoonist 'Neb' (Ronald Neibour)

2. Watercolor by Robin Godfrey

3. Watercolor by Irene Miller (Godfrey) ca. 1916

4. Watercolor by Irene Miller (Godfrey) ca. 1916

5. Self portrait cartoon by Kevin Godfrey

6. Kevin Godfrey and his cats - by KG

7. Golden Eagle - oil on canvas (unfinished) by KG

8. Kevin by Robin Godfrey (K 5yo, R 10yo) ca.1947

9. A rainy day - by RMG

10. Lavatorial surrealism - by RMG

11. Shepherd's pie - by RMG

12. An angler's tale - by RMG

13. Beware! Falling trees - by RMG

14. Stiltwalkers Toilet - by RMG

15. An embarrassing problem at the doctor's - by RMG

16. Inflammable afro - by RMG

17. It's only a spider. - by RMG

18. Custom mailmen

19. Punch operator - by RMG

20. By RMG

21. Rusting in Ilfracombe harbour - by RMG

21. 'Boy Sam' at Budleigh Salterton - by RMG

22. Whoops! By RMG

23. Pork cannibals. By RMG


The following cartoons are grouped separately since they deserve separate comment.  They are also by Robin Godfrey (RMG) but drawn by him when about 14 years old (bored perhaps during a history lesson at school).  His draughtsmanship is already accomplished - showing more than a hint of the ability that will mature into the work above. The humour is typically quirky and a number of the phrases, as well as 'visual gags' may be difficult for some to understand especially if they are not British and under the age of 50.

1. The Roman Invasion

2. The Norman Invasion

3. King John and Magna Carta

4. King Alfred burning the cakes

5. Ann Boleyn gets hers