Frederick Joseph Carwardine.


Born 27th May 1826, Gloucester, England    

Died 7th March 1901, Tomlins Grove, Bow, London, England.

Married 30th September 1848, St. Woolos Parish Church, Newport, Monmouthshire to Frances Jane Long.


Children (see separate bio notes)

George Frederick, Rosa Emily Jane, Samuel Ernest, Frances Elizabeth Ann, *Clara Georgina, Emerald Cornish Augusta, Eliza Agnes, Adeline Blanche and Florence Helena Isabelle.


*Clara Georgina was born 1st August 1859 but lived for only three weeks.


Frederick Carwardine was the second son of James Carwardine and Mary Ann (Piffe).

He was brought up and schooled in Gloucester, England.  No other details available.

On his Marriage Certificate in 1848, his occupation is shown as 'Attorney's Clerk'.


After marriage he appears to have been living in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales up to 1860 when he sailed to America with his wife Frances Jane and children George Frederick, Rosa Emily, Samuel Ernest and *Emerald Cornish Augusta.


*Emerald was born on board during the crossing from Liverpool to New York. Her first names were given after the ship the SS Emerald Isle, and the Master, Captain Cornish.

The duration and the purpose of their visit are not known.  Their stay in America was not very long however.  When they returned they moved to Aston New Town, Birmingham where a further three daughters were born - Eliza Agnes 1863, Adeline Blanche 1865, and Florence Helena Isabelle 1869.


In his son George's Marriage Certificate Frederick's occupation in 1868 is shown as 'Manager of Works'.  He and his family eventually moved to 8, Tomlins Grove, Bow, London, England.


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William Horace Carwardine


Born 22nd February 1855, Brooklyn, New York.
Died 25th August 1929, Evanston, Illinois.
Buried Memorial Park Cemetery, Skokie, Illinois.   
Married 27th September 1880, Methodist Episcopal Church, Jamaica, Long Island,
New York, to Elizabeth Williams.


Children (see also separate bio notes).
Grace b.11-6-1881, Yates Center, Kansas.  d.5-8-1913 (tuberculosis), Chicago Illinois. Contralto soloist in many church recitals, taught music in Chicago).
(Rev.) John Chester b.14-7-1884, Colony, Kansas.  d.28.1.1934, Colorado Springs.
Arthur Elliott b.24-10-1890, Poplar Grove, Illinois.  d.2-4-1984, Evanston, Illinois.
William Horace Carwardine was the only son of William James Carwardine and Catherine (Elliott). He was a clergyman, writer & lecturer. Educated public schools New York; private schools Ramsgate and Gloucester, England; student Colgate Univ.,Hamilton, N.Y. 1880, Garrett Bible Institute.  Ordained ministry Methodist Episcopal Church 1882; pastorates in Kansas 1882-7; Steward and Poplar Grove, Illinois, 1 year each, LaSalle, Illinois, 4 years; in Chicago since 1890 serving the pulpits of the following churches:  Ada Street, Adams Street, 47th Street, Gross Park, Humboldt Park,
South Chicago, West Pullman, Windsor Park; pastor Hermosa Methodist Episcopal Church since 1922; member South Kansas Methodist Episcopal Conf.,1882-7; transferred to Rock River Conf.,1889. 

Religious editor Chicago Herald and Examiner, contributing daily signed articles since 1905.  During and after Pullman strike in 1894 became widely known in U.S. and abroad in matters pertaining to industrial economics.

Lectured on this subject in 64 cities under auspices of trade and labor organizations, Chautauquas and clubs; lectures on other popular themes.  Member of Sons of St. George,  Republican, Mason.  Clubs: Hamilton, Press.  Author: History of the Pullman strike, 1895. (From Who's Who in Chicago article in 1926).

William Horace Carwardine, as pastor of the first Methodist Church in Pullman, was one of the most influential figures in the Pullman Strike. "More than any other man," writes William Adelman, Rev. Carwardine "awakened the American public to the suffering of the people in Pullman. His book, The Pullman Strike, his many speeches throughout the city of Chicago, and his address before the ARU convention helped to gain public support for the citizens of Pullman." A Populist and an advocate of "social gospel", Rev. Carwardine helped with the Pullman Relief Committee and the Homeseekers' Association. He later gave over 60 lectures on industrial problems in America and ran for the Illinois State Senate on the Prohibition ticket in 1904. He strongly believed that "The Laborer is Worthy of His Hire" and that "If there is one law for the rich man and another for the poor man, there is no liberty."

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William James Carwardine.


Born (Bapt.) 18th December 1824, Gloucester.   
Died 3rd October 1867, Westminster Hospital, London. England. Buried Finchley nr. London
Married 23rd February 1846, St. John-in-Bedwardine, Worcester to Catherine Elliott.


Children (see separate bio notes)

Ellen Celia b. 6-7-1848 Gloucester and

William Horace b.22-2-1855 Brooklyn, New York.
William Carwardine was the first son of James Carwardine and Mary Ann (Piffe).
No details available of early life and schooling.  In 1852 he and his wife emigrated to America and settled in New York. (No mention of daughter Ellen Celia, presume she died in infancy?)
1861-1865 U.S. Civil War: reference to William James Carwardine in draft of article about William Horace Carwardine for Who's Who in Chicago - 1926: "William James Carwardine, although an Englishman, fought in the Civil War under his first two names- William James".   William James Carwardine refers to "procuring my pension" in his letter to Catherine dated "Friday 22nd", no month or year.  (Research of Civil War Pension records showed many William James - none conclusive).


In 1866 he and his family returned to England.  William died in 1867, Catherine returned to America where she died in February 1868.  William Horace stayed with an "Auntie Celia" in Bristol, England until 1871 when he returned to America also.

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Adeline Blanche Miller (Carwardine)

(known as "Mom" or "Nan" to the younger family members & "Dot" to her contemporaries)

Born 2nd December 1865, Aston New Town, Birmingham, England
Died 12th March 1948, 49 Brinkworth Rd, Ilford, Essex, England
Married 24th March 1894, Trinity Church, Stepney, London, England to Reginald Stanley Miller

Children (see separate bio notes except for * who died in infancy)

Leslie Howard, Stanley Eric Francis*, Ross Frederick*, Norman George, Harold MacDonald*, Irene Blanche, Dorothy Adeline, Edna Winifred and Douglas William

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Frances Elizabeth Anne Carwardine


Born 17th July 1857, Aston New Town, Birmingham, England
Died 21st March 1950, Richmond Road, Leytonstone, London.
Did not marry.
Frances Carwardine was the second daughter of Frederick Joseph Carwardine and Frances Jane (Long).  No further details available.

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Florence Helena Isabelle Herrington (Carwardine)

Born 4th January, 1869, Aston New Town, Birmingham, England

Died 1944, London, England
Married ca 1900 London, England to Henry Robert Herrington.

Children (see separate bio notes)

Florence Marjorie b 1902 and Henry George b 1905

Florence Carwardine was the seventh daughter of Frederick Joseph Carwardine and Frances Jane (Long).  No further details available


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Eliza Agnes Blaber (Carwardine)


Born 21st July 1863, Aston New Town, Birmingham.   
Died 1952, London.
Married 1888 St. Stephens Church,  Bow, London, to Thomas Blaber.

Eliza Agnes was the fifth daughter of Frederick Joseph Carwardine and Frances Jane (Long).

Children. (see separate bio notes)


Lawrence Harold b.1889 d.1960 (m. Florence Bertha Eldridge b.1886 d.1946)
Elsie Madeline b.1891 d.1987 (m. 1914 Harold Holl  = Deryck Harold b.1915 and Madeline "Molly" b 1916 d 1987)
Doris Marjorie b.1893. d. 1965 (m.     Charles William Corrie Finch b. 1899 d. 1967)

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Emerald Cornish Augusta Carwardine


Born 11th July 1860 aboard the S.S. Emerald Isle on route from Liverpool to New York.
Master of ship : Captain Cornish.
Died 1946 London.
Married 1877, London to Arthur Fulford.


Children:(see separate bio notes)


Lillian Augusta, b. c1879 (Married 1905 to Ernest Bauckham).
Bertam, b. c1881 (Married -?- to Nellie-?).
Daisy Emerald, b. 1883 (Married 1905 to Walter Bishop).
Violet Frances, b. 1883 (Married 1913 to Frederick Hickman).
Arthur Fulford died c.1898.  Later Emerald remarried.  Second husband Frederick Hartree.
No children from second marriage.
Emerald Carwardine was the fourth daughter of Frederick Joseph Carwardine and Francis
Jane (Long).   On return from the U.S.A, Emerald would have spent her first years in
Aston New Town where her three younger sisters were born - Eliza Agnes b.1863,
Adeline Blanche b.1865 and Florence Helena Isabelle b.1869 and then moving with them
to the family home in Tomlins Grove, Bow, London. In her later years she lived in Leytonstone,

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Samuel Ernest Carwardine
Born 25th April 1854, Newport, Monmouthshire.   
Died c.1924 London.   
Did not marry.
Samuel Carwardine was the second son of Frederick Joseph Carwardine and Frances Jane (Long).  No details concerning schooling and early life.  Did go on to work at the docks as a crane driver.  As a result of a serious accident, he lost both legs and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  No further details

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George Frederick Carwardine.


Born 9th August 1849, Newport, Monmouthshire.
Died c.1908 Philadelphia.  (Buried Mount Peace Cemetery, Philadelphia).
Married 24th February 1868, Parish Church Handsworth, Birmingham to
Mary Ann Price.
Millicent b. 1875.
Lillian Amy b. 1876 Aston, Birmingham.
George Albert Victor b. 1877 Aston, Birmingham.
Bernard Crawford b. 1880 Kings Norton.
George was the first son of Frederick Joseph Carwardine and Frances Jane (Long).   On his Marriage Certificate in 1868 his occupation is given as 'Office Clerk'.  No details of his place of employment available.
His wife Mary Ann died in 1888 and two years later in February 1890, he and his children emigrated to the U.S.A. where they settled down in Philadelphia.
In the 1900 Census for Philadelphia,  George Carwardine as head of household with occupation of 'Printer'.  Son Victor's occupation is 'Ice Wagon Driver'. Son Bernard's occupation is 'Printer'.   There is no mention of Millicent.
However, now for a puzzler - it mentions Lillian A. (Amy) with a birth year of 1877, the same as Millicent (see under Children).  Also in the Census it would appear that Victor has a wife Rosmund, and a daughter Elizabeth.   Lillian A.
is also shown as having a daughter Beatrice M.

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Leslie Howard Miller
Born 1st January 1895  Bow, London.
Died 28th July 1975  Sunninghill, Berks. England
Married 23rd June 1923, St.Georges Catholic Cathedral, Southwark, London, England to Jane O'Connor.
No Children. 
Leslie Miller was the first son of Reginald Stanley Miller and Adeline Blanche Carwardine.  He grew up and schooled in London, England (Newport Road Leyton being one).
On leaving school, he became a Coach Trimmer.
In 1914 he  enlisted in the Hampshire Regiment and was soon appointed Lance Corporal, and promotion to full Corporal followed not long after.  He applied for a Commission in March 1915 and was subsequently commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 13th (Reserve)Battalion.  He went on to serve in Egypt, Salonika, (where he was promoted to Lieutenant), the Caucasus, and finally, Constantinople.  On discharge, he returned to Leytonstone, London, England. 

He and his wife 'Jeannie' planned to move to Oxford, England and at that time his profession ,as recorded on his marriage certificate in 1923, was "Motor Engineer's Clerk. No further details are presently available on his subsequent life in Oxford.

In later years, as an elderly couple, they moved to a senior citizen Residential Home in Sunninghill, Berks. Jeannie predeceased him by two years and Leslie died in a nursing home associated with the residence called Lyndhurst Nursing home.

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Norman George Miller


Born  2nd January 1899.  Bow, London, England
Died  2nd July 1987. Ormskirk, England. Married 1923, St. Stephens Church, Bow, London, to Florence Lizzie Gardner. ("Floss")
Children (see separate bio notes) Desiree Norma, Valerie Blanche, Marion Hazel and Angela.
Norman Miller was the fourth son of Reginald Stanley Miller and Adeline Blanche nee Carwardine.  His first job on leaving school was as a delivery boy for a butchers, then in 1914 he got a job in Fleet Street with the Sport and General Photographic Agency as a runner to the big papers.  World War One had just started and like so many young men, joined up under age.  He enlisted with the 5th Royal West Kent Regiment and was shipped off to France where he spent the first night in the front line trenches.  He was gassed and sent to hospital at Wimeraux for treatment.  On recovery, he was posted back to his battalion .  In 1916 on the Somme he was sent home because they found out he was under age.  He subsequently applied for a commission in the Royal Flying Corps. but was turned down because his balance was at fault.  Eventually he was sent back to France where he had another dose of gas.  When the Armistice was signed he was in a French hospital and didn't get back to England until March 1919.   After the war he was approached and joined the Secret Service and was sent to Dublin. No details here other than whilst in Dublin Castle, he had to photograph men before they were executed.   In 1921 he came to Oxford and joined the Oxford Mail and Oxford Times where he became Chief Photographer and during World War Two, became a Captain in the 6th Oxford City Battalion (Home Guard).  He retired from the Press in 1955 on medical advice and became landlord of the Jericho House, a pub in Walton Street Oxford.   Two years later he retired (again), to Ormskirk where he took up employment with the Ormskirk Advertiser Group of Newspapers as Chief Photographer. He finally stopped working in the 1970s and finally retired to his home at Westhead, Ormskirk in Lancashire, England.

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Dudley Stuart Miller


Born 1871 Wandsworth, London.
Died 1854 Chelsea, London.
Married c.1904 to May Marion Louise (Hudson).
Children (see separate bio notes) Frederick, Ena, Constance, Donald and Ronald.
Dudley Miller was the seventh of ten children of Alfred William Miller and Mary Ann (Knight).  He grew up and schooled in London, England.

At the age of 19 he enlisted in the Seaforth Highlanders.  He took part in the Indian Campaign and Relief of Chitral in 1895. A year later was sent to Crete with the International Army of Occupation.  In 1897-1898, he served with Lord Kitchener at Khartoum and later went on to serve in the Boer War and throughout the First World War, at the end of which he was sent to Russia to assist the White Russians.   At the age of 71 he volunteered as an Air Raid Warden where he lived in Dover, on the day that WWII broke out.  In eventual retirement (in the 1950s) he took up residence at the Royal Hospital ,Chelsea as a Chelsea Pensioner.

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Irene Blanche Miller

To be completed

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Dorothy Adeline Miller (AKA Daphne Miles)
Born 5th July 1906, Leytonstone, London, England   
Died 14th January 1998, Oxford, England
Married 1931, Leyton/Leytonstone? to Herbert Joseph Grimwood. (Later separated).
No children.
Dorothy Miller was the second daughter of Reginald Stanley Miller and Adeline Blanche (Carwardine).  She grew up in Leytonstone where on leaving school, her first job was in an office (no further details available).  In her young days she developed a love for dancing (classical and stage.) and to this end she joined Peggy le Fay's School of Dancing.  This was to radically influence her future since after moving to Oxford in 1940, she started up her own dancing school. It was there that she adopted the name Daphne Miles and from then on was known by all (including the family), by that name.


The Daphne Miles School of Dancing was very successful and during the war years, she presented her pupils, both junior and senior, in numerous shows, pantomimes and dance recitals,frequently in aid of such charities as The Oxford Eye Hospital Rebuilding Fund, Morris Motors Service Fund, The British Red Cross, Guide Dogs for the Blind, British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association, The Merchant Navy Service Comforts Fund and The Radcliffe Infirmary, to name only a few. She also provided entertainment for wounded British and American servicemen, and later on with local artistes, for Retirement Homes in and around Oxford and even the Oxford Prison.


In 1951 she continued in this vein teaching American children whose families were based at the United States Air Force base at Brize Norton where she became Program Director in the Service Club.   After her brother-in-law Les Godfrey died in 1959, she moved to Leytonstone, in London, to stay with her sister Irene at 2, Rhodesia Road and very soon she formed another dancing school which she named The Lyndhurst School of Dancing. A high point of this school's existence was that in May 1978, they performed in a Grand Gala Concert in the presence of H.R.H. Princess Alexandra at the Assembly Hall, Walthamstow. London

[The programme for this Gala Concert was introduced by Joyce Grenfell (ed. a well known and talented comedy actress of the time) and  opened with a piano recital by Stephen Bishop-Kovacevich of various pieces by Chopin and Beethoven .This was followed by a Norwegian Ballet in three acts which was devised and produced by Daphne Miles and performed entirely by the pupils of her Lyndhurst School of Dancing.]

During this period in London (1960 in fact) Daphne also formed a revue group which was made up of local amateur singers, musicians and dancers and others who would help in backstage operations, she named the group "The Harlequins".  Daphne conceived a number of shows which she directed and produced. The group rehearsed at Wanstead House, in East London and performed in aid of various charities, on one occasion, travelling to Oxford to perform at Morris Motors Clubhouse, Cowley.   Daphne remained in Leytonstone until her sister Irene died in 1985, she then returned in retirement to Oxford.

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Charles William Godfrey
Born 9th October 1875, Hunsdon, Herts.    
Died 1952, Langthorne Hospital, Leytonstone, London.
Married 31st January 1898, St. John's Church, Stratford Broadway, London, to Lizzie Medcalf. 


Children (see separate bio notes).  Charles James, Arthur Samuel and William Leslie.
Lizzie died 5th August 1935.  Later, Charlie remarried (date not known), to Alice Stephens.  No children from this second marriage.
Charlie Godfrey was the first son of James Godfrey and Martha Hutchings.
He was brought up in Hunsdon, Herts., his address being Mill Cottage. Nothing is known of his schooling which obviously started in Hunsdon.  Later on he moved to Leyton, London, England where he joined the Great Eastern Railway at Stratford.  He started as a cleaner in the sheds, and then worked his way up through fireman (1901 Census gives his occupation as 'Railway Engine Stoker'), to engine driver on the London North Eastern Railway.He lived in Cranbourne Road, Leyton.

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