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When new and/or adjusted material is added to this site regular visitors can track the changes by reviewing a summary page that will list the changes (however small) with their implementation date - click here to visit this page.


This web site is, for the time being, not being updated or added to. It remains 'live' in the sense that it continues as a resource for those interested in our genealogy but no further development of the site is presently anticipated.

Input to me is still available via the e-mail address below and I will endeavor to answer questions if they are posed.



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The content of this site relies heavily on input from you all and I would appreciate it very much if you send copies (or originals if you want) of photos, newspaper cuttings, literary references, historical documents or your own commentary on any matter of family interest  -  the older the better. Oh, and there's bound to be some errors - tell me about them please.  The e-mail address is below.

Getting image material to me is better done electronically (picture attachments to e-mails and so on) but the good 'ol postal service is just as good. Don't worry about the image quality, I can usually clarify (and even repair) old documents and pictures using software specially written for the purpose.

An important note on family tree images

After looking at the various ways to share this kind of data with you I decided to use images created by the 'Family Tree Maker' software, converted to 'pdf' files.

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If your computer doesn't open this image it means either:

A. you don't have this reader software installed - but wait - it's not that difficult to do.  If you want to see these pdf files (and there will be several more on the web site) download the (free) reader software from Adobe (a reputable company). See how to do this below.

or B. You have the reader software but also have a "firewall" like ZoneAlarm.  If you do then it will be necessary to set up the firewall to specifically permit this web site and its contents. Consult your firewall "Help" file to see how to do this.

Instructions for getting Adobe reader software follow -

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Click (or double click) on this web site address:


and you will be taken to Adobe's reader page. Follow the instructions to download Adobe Reader 7.0.

A final point - if you successfully opened the tree pdf file, the image may look too small to read.  Don't worry, there's a zoom function - just look for the zoom control (+ and - buttons) at the top of the reader page.


If you're new to home computing you might find all this a little challenging but believe me it is all possible, it just needs some creative imagination  -  Bill Gates, me and our computers can do the rest.

Why don't you tell me what ideas you have  -  go on, what's to lose?

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